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How To Find Cheap Flights, Cheap International Flights Tickets

How To Find Cheap Flights

If you are thinking about how to find cheap flights, you are on the right page.

Airfare is the most important aspect which plays a pivot role as a deciding factor on where to travel and when to travel.

To find cheap flights is always a challenge for new or even experienced travelers.

Since there are so many airlines and it is always difficult to make out which airlines to fly.

As the fares are competitive and so are the services offered by the airlines.

Finding the cheap flight fare is the key factor in deciding where to stay, where to go and if the travel is within the budget.

If the flight is too expansive.

Therefore, it may be the possibility that you are not going anywhere by flight.

If you have the skills to find cheap flights.

Moreover, it may be the possibility that you can go to some great destination and that too within your budget.

There are so many airlines offering enormous deals ranging from published fares to discounted deals.

At times promotional fares being offered by the airlines.

Normally customers who wish to travel search on various famous travel sites.

Like Reddit, kayak, Skyscanner and consider these as their last resort in finding the best fare.

Cheap fares are there, its just that you should have the skill to find the better fare.

Finding better fare is always a challenge.


Cheap Flights Deals

Let me help you in mastering you the skill to find cheap flight fare offered by all the airlines.

I have mastered this skill and can guarantee that using the skills that I will share.

Anyone can find cheap flights fare and will never have to pay more for the tickets.

Therefore, no one has to compromise on the destination just because of the higher fare.

Please follow the guidelines suggested below and you are just a few steps away in getting the best deal.


Cheap Flights Deal Myths

There is no specific trick as such in finding cheap flights fare.

It’s not magic or Rocket science.

There are so many myths going around as far as booking fare is concerned. Most common ones are:

1). Weekends are more expansive

2). Wednesdays are cheaper

3) Airlines prices are unpredictable

4). There are no exact dates on which you can get a cheaper fare

Airlines use advance systems and algorithms for their pricing.

They run the deal, for sectors, route, and region.

Companies need to run the deal based on the time of the year, demand, weather, festivals competitors price.

These all are the myths.


Flexible Cheap Flights Tickets

Prices with the airlines keep on changing depending on the availability of the seats in the flight.

Just to get the best fare, you should actually be flexible with your dates.

Just by playing with your dates by a day or two.

You can actually get a very good fare.

However, the airfare is not dependent on the time of your travel.

Therefore, it may be the possibility that the fares may be cheaper just a day later or earlier than the dates on which you actually wish to travel.

Just by being flexible a bit, you can save hundreds of dollars.

So, this is the most important aspect which needs to be taken care of before booking the airline reservation.

Furthermore, there are seasonal restrictions associated with the fares.

So if you are flying when everyone is flying then the chances of higher fare are more.

Book your tickets and then plan depending on which dates the fare is coming better.


Flexible With Destination

If you can’t be flexible with dates and from where you fly to try and be flexible with the destination.

It is very easy to search the entire world and cheap fares on the airlines’ search engine.

For example:- Kayak, google flights, Skyscanner offers an option to search the flights.

However, they show the price on all the dates, so that you can actually compare the fare for the whole month beforehand.


Flexible With Travel Time

Being flexible with dates and destination most of the time helps, another factor that affects the cost of travel is the type of flight you are traveling with.

Most of the times traveling non-stop is more expansive then having a layover.

Since our main purpose is to get the tickets at the cheapest rate.

So we should be having flexibility in terms of travel time as well.

If we see that traveling non-stop price is higher.

We can opt for the flight with one stop in order to make our trip cheaper.

If you are traveling to Amsterdam.

You can travel to London and then try the domestic low cost or budget airlines to travel from London to Amsterdam in order to have the trip cheaper.

To do this, just try and find a flight to the nearby destination to which you actually wish to fly and then try to find budget airlines from that nearby airport to your final destination.

You will actually find a lot of difference price-wise by playing around with airports as well.

In order to have assistance on stopovers and compare the prices.

You can check on Airwander, which is actually a good platform to search and compare and find cheap flights fare or might help in playing with the airport options as well.

The most important thing to be taken care of while playing with the airports is that you should always have enough layover and enough time so that you should not miss the connecting flight.

Suggested layover between two flights is 2 hours when it is through flight(connected and same airlines) and it is 4 hours when there is a change in airlines, since in such cases.

You will have to check-out and check-in again.


Search Engines

Please search on multiple websites since all the search engines are not equal as many big search sites do not list budget carriers because such big companies are not interested in paying commission to the mediators or search engines or travel agencies.

So, while searching for small airlines or budget carriers make sure to try and search on the airline’s website.

For Example, You are not going to see Ryanair, AirAsia, Flyjet on bigger sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Cheapoair, Travelocity and Tripadvisor. U.S. booking site also avoids listing foreign airlines that you normally can see on International platforms like Skyscanner or Momondo.

Finally, All small and big site has pros and cons. Try everything.


Student Discount

If you are booking a flight for an Adult and some student is traveling that you have an option to get the student discount directly by calling the airlines.

which you normally would not be able to get directly on the website or on any of the travel sites.



If you are a frequent traveler it is advisable to be a SkyMiles member with major airlines.

These are the reward programs run by the airlines using which If you are using their services at regular intervals, they give you a mileage account numbers on which the points are accumulated which can be used to make the reservations anytime.

Moreover, nowadays all airlines are already associated with each other.

So redeeming miles between the airlines is not so difficult as well.

For eg. Delta Airlines, Air France Airways, KLM Airlines are partner airlines and miles on any of these airlines can be used on anyone.

Similarly, United Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, and Lufthansa Airlines also work on miles sharing process, since these are also the partner airlines.


Book in Advance

It is always better to plan your trip ahead and book your reservation in advance. As I mentioned earlier, prices with the airlines keep on changing depending on the availability.

So the chances are there that booking last minute flights the price will be higher and if booking the flights in advance the price will be less since the availability of the seats in the flight are more if you are booking ahead of time.


How to Search

How to find cheap flights via an online search is a bit tricky.

Even if there are multiple passengers traveling, never try to search for the tickets for all passengers at the same time as the airlines always show the ticket price on the higher side if the passengers are more.

If you are a family for 5 and you are searching for 5 passengers at the same time and suppose the airlines are having two tickets for the cheaper fare the fare you will see will be on the higher side.

So, try to book the tickets by playing with the number of passengers as well. Also, in case of promotion offered by airlines like buy 2 and get 1 ticket free.

you are most likely to have the least chances of availing the offer since you are searching for all the passengers at the same time.

In the case of 5 passengers, try and search the price of 1 pax, then 2 pax, then 3 pax and so on and then compare which option is offering the better fare and then give a go-ahead.


Play With The Currency

Try to search the fare on a different platform offering fares in different currencies.

Since there are chances that you are traveling from Canada to anywhere.

It may be the possibility that you may get a good deal if you search the fare in US Dollars or better fare if you search in Canadian Dollars.
You never know airlines are running an offer in which zone.

Also, which consolidator is offering better fare on which route.

So, searching the fare on the websites from different zones might help.

In order to find the best flight deals.

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